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AOS is a cloud service, and to make it work with your local SuperOffice, you need to install SuperOffice webservices on a server in your network, and create a user that will allow AOS to connect to your SuperOffice environment. We are using the Microsoft Azure platform to host AOS.

Preparation and requirements:

SuperOffice Sales & Marketing for OnPrem or Online from version 8.1 or newer.

SuperOffice web services. This is a software component available as a part of your SuperOffice maintenance program, which creates a secure layer between your SuperOffice database and the internet, called an Endpoint. The server for the SuperOffice web services must have the Internet Information Server role installed.

Creating an endpoint

An Endpoint is a URL where you expose your SuperOffice installation to the internet. A typical endpoint looks like this: https://superoffice.<yourdomain>.com/superoffice/remote/Services84 or https://<yourdomain>.com/superoffice/remote/Services84.


An open port for traffic. Your IT department must create a rule in your firewall to route traffic at port 443 (HTTPS) from the Internet to the server. You IT department can secure this be limiting the firewall only to accept traffic from our server. We have 4 IP’s that needs to be allowed. IP’s:


All communication in our platform requires https

You can run this test to see if our platform is secure

SuperOffice REST Setup

Some of our Apps are using the SuperOffice REST interface for communicating with your SuperOffice, so please make sure that this is enabled and working. In addition to the REST interface being enabled, basic authorization must also be enabled. Ensure that your SuperOffice web.config contains the following:

    <add key="AuthorizeWithUsername" value="true" />

While basic authorization must be enabled in the SuperOffice configuration, it must also be disabled in your IIS server, the IIS authentication should look like this.

Please note:

If you have either SuperOffice Sales & Marketing for WEB, the SuperOffice Pocket CRM or SuperOffice Customer Service, the endpoint is already installed somewhere in you infrastructure.

We require the use of a SSL certificate to secure the communication between your SuperOffice and the AmestoApps cloud platform.

We offer:

AmestoApps offers to do the installation of the SuperOffice web services at a fixed price. If you are using SuperOffice Online, just click on the product your want, and login to your SuperOffice Account.

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