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Datasync Online

Use the DataSync integration engine and connect to other business applications and data sources to SuperOffice CRM Online.

DataSync Online is the perfect app for easy and automated synchronization of data between external data sources and SuperOffice CRM Online. Data sources can be accounting systems, other business applications and any systems based on SQL, Excel, TXT files etc. DataSync Online supports Microsoft Dynamics AX and NAV, Visma Business.
DataSync Online knows the business logics of SuperOffice CRM Online and is highly configurable using an administrator tool without programming.

Benefits for you:

  • The complete customers overview in SuperOffice = take the right actions
  • Customer sales history, key figures and trends visible in SuperOffice
  • Improved service to customers 
  • Higher internal efficiency and fewer errors
  • Save time – all vital information at hand
  • Standard module = not dependent on developer

Key features
  • Create, read and update information in SuperOffice CRM Online
  • Sync to Company Card and the Company More fields
  • Sync to Contact Card and the Contact More fields
  • Sync to Project Card and the Project More fields
More features will be added to this with later versions, including sync to Company Interests, Contact Interests, Project Members, Sale Card and Sale More fields, Quote Products and price lists, 2-way sync and more. New features will be included in the subscription. 

Price information
The price for the DataSync Online follows the total number of users in SuperOffice CRM Online.

  • Datasync Online for up to 20 users 
    160 Euro pr. site pr. month
    1.190 DKK pr. site pr. month
    1.420 SEK pr. site pr. month
    1.420 NOK  pr. site pr. month

  • Datasync Online for 21 to 50 users 
    230 Euro pr. site pr. month
    1.790 DKK pr. site pr. month
    2.150 SEK pr. site pr. month
    2.150 NOK  pr. site pr.month

  • Datasync Online for more than 50 users 
    320 Euro pr. site pr. month
    2.380 DKK pr. site pr. month
    2.830 SEK pr. site pr. month
    2.830 NOK  pr. site pr. month

  • A subscription to SuperOffice CRM Online
  • All user plans are supported
  • A Server or PC running one of the following Operating systems
    • Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019
    • Windows 10
    • Microsoft.NET Framework 4.8

Getting started
  1. Press  "Try" or "Buy" button and follow the instructions
  2. When your account is ready, download the setup file and install on the local PC/Server
  3. That's it. You are on - try it out immediately!
When you donwload, we will call you to ensure that you get maximum value from the App. We offer you an automatic 14 days free trial!

You will not receive any invoices unless we have got your written order.

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