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PDF Manager

Convert your documents to PDF documents with a few simple clicks – easy, fast and reliable.

With PDF Manager for SuperOffice you can convert almost* any SuperOffice document to a PDF copy by a single click with the mouse. The new PDF copy is automatically saved in the SuperOffice document archive.

*The only documents which cannot be converted is Excel Macro files (XLSM files).

Please note
This app supports SuperOffice Online and SuperOffice WEB. For more information about the PDF Manager for SuperOffice Windows, please contact us.

Key features

  • Convert any SuperOffice document into PDF
  • Use a document format that everyone can read
  • Save in SuperOffice on any date


  • SuperOffice CRM Online
  • SuperOffice Sales % Marketing for Web from version 8 or newer
  • A subscription to this app

PDF Manager works on the following browsers
  • Google Chrome, New Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox
PDF Manager does not work on the following browsers
  • Old Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer

The following price is per month, based on a yearly subscription and the number of SuperOffice users:

1-10 users:

  • EUR 50 per month
  • DKK 350 per month
  • NOK 415 per month
  • SEK 415 per month
 11-20 users:
  •  EUR 70 per month
  •  DKK 525 per month
  •  NOK 625 per month
  •  SEK 625 per month
 21-50 users:
  •  EUR 90 per month
  •  DKK 700 per month
  •  NOK 830 per month
  •  SEK 830 per month
More than 50 users? Contact us for an offer.

How to get started
Click "Try" for SuperOffice Online" or “Try” for SuperOffice WEB and follow the instructions.

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