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NPS Today

Get focus on your customer loyalty with NPS.Today data and survey options directly in your SuperOffice.

The NPS.Today app ensures you a quick overview of the current customer relationship or a given delivery, in order for you to take proactive and targeted action in your contact with the customer.

With alarms, notification and tasks directly in SuperOffice CRM, you can now ensure timely follow-up based on the current customer feedback.

Key features

  • Send NPS campaigns to individual contacts in SuperOffice.
  • Send NPS campaigns to a selection of contacts in SuperOffice.
  • Automatic check of new contacts in dynamic selections, who must receive NPS campaign.
  • Web panels with responses for companies and contacts in SuperOffice.
  • Update of NPS fields on contacts and company pages to create selections for follow-up.
  • Activities based on three response types (Promotors, Passives, Detractors).
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In addition to a SuperOffice license, an active subscription is required at
  • SuperOffice Online
    SuperOffice Online newest version
    Complete, Sales or Marketing License
  • SuperOffice On-Premise
    SuperOffice 9.x and above
    Complete, Sales or Marketing License
    A valid Endpoint exposed to the Internet 

This app is sold on a monthly subscription plan, with a 12 months subscription period, billed annually and in advance.

NPS.Today STARTER package 
This package is suitable for small companies or companies with few customers and includes:
  • Plug in for SuperOffice CRM
  • 1.000 Surveys per year
  • 1 hour NPS coaching per year 
DKK 2.290/month
EUR 310/month
NOK 3.050/month
SEK 3.050/month

NPS.Today BASIC package 
This package is suitable for mid-size companies and includes:
  • Plug in for SuperOffice CRM
  • 5.000 Surveys per year
  • SMS module and 500 messages
  • 2 hours NPS coaching per year
  • 2 survey channels,
  • 5 NPS for Outlook clients
DKK 3.430/month
EUR 470/month
NOK 4.580/month
​SEK 4.580/month

NPS.Today BUSINESS package
This package is suitable for larger companies with many customers and includes:
  • Plug in for SuperOffice CRM
  • 20.000 Surveys per year
  • SMS module and 2.000 messages 
  • 10 hours NPS coaching per year
  • 5 survey channels,
  • 50 NPS for Outlook clients
DKK 5.720/month
EUR 780/month
NOK 7.630/month
​SEK 7.630/month

If you already have an subscription
You might already use and only want to purchase the actual App to get your data in SuperOffice. No matter which subscription you have, the price for the app in a stand-alone version is as follows: 

DKK 1.000/month
SEK 1.400/month
1.400 NOK/month
EUR 135/month

Consultancy services such as help to get started with the app, are available and in addition to the above prices

How to get started

To be able to buy/try/configure the NPS Today app you need to be the Admin of you SuperOffice installation and you will need an API Key from NPS.Today.

Click "Try" for SuperOffice Online" and follow the instructions. If yours SuperOffice is not the Online version, please contact

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