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Amesto Insight

Make better decisions based on actual data from SuperOffice.

The Amesto Insight App is a Power BI connector for SuperOffice, which allows you to visualize all data stored in SuperOffice via Microsoft Power BI.

Insight retrieves data from SuperOffice CRM and puts it directly into Microsoft Power BI. With the integration you get a  package with 6 standard reports. These can be used directly without any adjustments, but you are also able to adjust the reports to fit your exact needs. 

In Power BI you can also create your own reports based on SuperOffice data and other data you may have available. The App also has a feature for you to enter your own budgets or target numbers via an Excel sheet.

Key features

  • Standard report package containing 6 ready-to-use dashboards is included.
  • User-specific reports can easily be created.
  • You can enter your own target numbers or budget via the enclosed Excel sheets.
  • Combine SuperOffice data with data from other data sources.
  • Easy customization in Power BI without the use of special programming.
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In addition to a valid SuperOffice license, you need an active Power BI subscription. 

If you want to change the standard reports or share your reports with other users, you will need a Power BI Pro license. Otherwise you can use Power BI Desktop, which is free of charge.

The following price is per month and based on a yearly subscription and follows the number of SuperOffice users:

Site: DKK 1.575/month
Pr. user: DKK 53/month

Site: EUR 208/month
Pr. user: EUR 8/month

Site: SEK 1.950/month
Pr. user: SEK 65/month

Site: NOK 1.950/month
Pr. user:  NOK 65/month

*The price includes a SuperOffice mirror database hosted on MS Azure incl. 2 GB data, and 5 DTU's (read about DTU's here )
If you need additional storage sizes or DTU's, the price will increase accordingly.
Please contact us for additional price information.

How to get started
Please read the installation guide: Installation guide

Excel reports
Templates for the Excel sheets are enclosed in the installation file, or they can be downloaded here: 

About Amesto
Amesto is one of the leading providers of modules for SuperOffice. Since 2002, we have provided SuperOffice customers with add-on modules and solutions for customizing SuperOffice to individual needs or integration with other systems like ERP systems, telephone systems or online services.
Amesto provides excellence in SuperOffice usability and business value and have extensive experience of business solutions and integrations and you gain this advantage when you work with us.
Our experienced IT professionals and consultants provide valuable knowledge and can help you achieve competitive advantages through our products and services.

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