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EDS Online

Customize SuperOffice CRM Online to fit business needs. 

EDS Online is, by far, the most flexible and effective design tool. Do you need more fields or tabs in SuperOffice or want to tailor SuperOffice to fit your specific needs? Use one of the pre-defined solutions or use the EDS designer tool to build and enhance your SuperOffice solution as well as your business. EDS Online is based on the on-premise equivalent used by more than 10.000 SuperOffice users every day.

Business Your Way
EDS Online is the perfect toolbox for SuperOffice customers providing several predefined solutions and a universe of new features in SuperOffice. Add new tabs or fields, support or automate workflows, create new tabs on the Customer card or Project card, show data from other business systems or add tabs for typing in, viewing or validating data. The visual expression is SuperOffice “look and feel”.

Get competitive advantages
EDS Online is often used for presentation of accounting data, invoice lines, key figures or trends, perhaps live from the ERP system or for keeping track of sales targets, budgets, product information, price lists, contracts, discounts, leasing, machine management, product management, serials numbers, project information and this like. Ask us about your requirements or arrange a demo. We provide competitive advantages in the cloud.


  • Get the full customer engagement cockpit in SuperOffice CRM Online.
  • Act fast and provide better service
  • Support and optimize the everyday business processes
  • Customize SuperOffice CRM Online to fit company needs
  • Perfect if you need more designs, fields or tabs
  • Show tabs and data for relevant user groups only
  • EDS design follows the SuperOffice design guide and will appear as a part of SuperOffice
  • Increase the total outcome of SuperOffice CRM Online
Key features
  • Add tabs, fields, drop downs, tables, functions and logics
  • Show and use data from external data sources, like the accounting system.
  • Make advanced calculations, validations and workflows
  • Export data in EDS tabs to Microsoft Excel in 1 click.
  • Pre-defined solution templates for service, financial info, invoice lines, price/discounts, product info, document filter etc.
  • Show tabs and data dependent on user credentials, ex user groups
  • Fast configuration with no need of programming.
  • The visual design of EDS Online is SuperOffice “Look and feel”
Price information*

The following price is per month, based on a yearly subscription and the number of SuperOffice users:

EUR 20
DKK 120
SEK 140
NOK 140
*The price includes a SuperOffice mirror database hosted on MS Azure incl. 2 GB data, and 5 DTU's (read about DTU's here )
If you need additional storage sizes or DTU's, the price will increase accordingly.
Please contact us for additional price information.

Consultancy services
The vendor offers installation, configuration and customization services including connections for other data sources or business applications.Consultancy services is charged by the hour. Contact the vendor at for more information

  • A subscription to SuperOffice CRM Online
  • All user plans are supported
  • A subscription to this app
  • A PC (desktop or server) to run the EDS Designer tool

Optional Requirements
If you want to show Onpremise data (ERP Data) in SuperOffice you need to install components on your local server.
  • The servers supported are : Windows 2008R2, 2012, 2012R2, 2016 , 2016R2, 2019, Data center not supported.
  • An IIS server published to the internet with a domain protected by a SSL certificate (either 1 server or 1 backend server and 1 server in the DMZ zone)
  • Must be able to install MS .Net Framework 4.8.0
Getting started
  • Click the “Buy” button and follow the instructions (you must have SuperOffice administrator credentials to do this)
  • This app will automatically download a copy of the SuperOffice CRM Online database to the Amesto Online Service platform and grant the EDS Online App access to it.
  • Download the EDS Online Designer and install it on your desktop PC
  • Finished – Start the EDS Online Designer at start building your solution
  • We will call you and ensure maximum value
  • We offer 14 days’ free trial
  • No invoice unless we have got your written order
  • Free email support:

About Amesto
Amesto is one of the leading providers of modules for SuperOffice. Since 2002, we have provided SuperOffice customers with add-on modules and solutions for customizing SuperOffice to individual needs or integration with other systems like ERP systems, telephone systems or online services.
Amesto provides excellence in SuperOffice usability and business value and have extensive experience of business solutions and integrations and you gain this advantage when you work with us.
Our experienced IT professionals and consultants provide valuable knowledge and can help you achieve competitive advantages through our products and services.

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