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Online Dashboard

Online Dashboard is a business analytics tools to analyze vital company information from SuperOffice and your other business applications, transforming the results into easy understandable dashboards and lets you share the insights with the rest of your company.

Combine CRM, ERP and other business critical data in one view
Get in control of business-critical data, KPI´s and performance, and make the right decisions. Choose Online Dashboard if you want fast and cost effective dashboard reporting on data from SuperOffice combined with other data sources like financial data, budgets and KPI's. 

Online Dashboard supports data from many different data sources including Visma, Microsoft Dynamics, Excel, Dropbox, SQL and more. You can combine as many sources as you need. The result is a deeper understanding of what is going on in your business. 

Monitor your business and publish the answers.
Get powerful dashboards on any device like in SuperOffice, in an internet browser, a tablet, a smartphone, Apple devices, on a TV etc. Free app for smartphones and Apple included.

Free dashboard templates included
You can create as many dashboards you need, and it is easy to start using the 3 predefined dashboard templates included: 

  • Sales vs Budget Dashboard - Live demo 
    Combines pipeline in SuperOffice with budget from Excel and actual sales from a financial system
  • Pipeline Risk Dashboard - Live demo 
    Risk analysis. Look at your pipeline from another perspective. Where are the risks?
  • Customer Service Dashboard - Live demo
    What are the peak hours, who solves the most ticket overview and so on. Get in control of all service requests 

Each templates can be customized to fit your needs easily yourself or with the help of a consultant. 

Key features

  • Dashboards reporting wherever and whenever you want it
  • Easy to use, easy to understand, easy to share
  • Publish business critical data and KPI´s in a simple way
  • Action-based reporting (red light, green light)
  • Dashboards in SuperOffice, web, tablet, smartphones, TV
  • Free mobile app for Apple, Android and Windows Phones
  • Use data from different data sources in one dashboard
  • Support for Visma, MS Dynamics, Excel, SQL, Dropbox etc
  • Powerful dashboard drag and drop based dashboard designer
  • Design your own dashboards or get help from our team
  • Unlimited number of dashboards and data sources

Price information

This app is sold on a monthly subscription plan, with a 12 months subscription period, billed annually and in advance: 

  • The price starts at € 85 per month which includes 5 users 
  • Extra users costs € 7 per user per month

You may also try this app free of charge for a limited period. 

Start-up package - Free of charge for a limited period

  • The start-up package includes connecting Online Dashboard to SuperOffice, activation of the mobile app, activation of one dashboard template and an introduction to the dashboard

Consultancy services

  • Amesto offers dashboard customization services, setting up connections for other business applications (ERP, Excel, Dropbox, SQL etc.), support, training for design or use
  • Consultancy services is charged by the hour
  • Contact us at or phone +45 70 228 550 for more information
  • A subscription to SuperOffice 
  • A subscription to this app
  • All browsers are supported (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge)
Getting started
  1. Click the “Buy” or "Try" button
  2. Complete your sign up (you need to have SuperOffice administrator credentials to do this)
  3. Once you have approved the app, Amesto will contact you within 24 hours to schedule a time for setting up the solution.

About Amesto
Amesto is the leading provider of modules and apps for SuperOffice. Since 2002, we have provided SuperOffice customers with add-on modules and solutions for customizing SuperOffice to individual needs or integration with other systems like ERP systems, telephone systems, reporting or online services. Amesto provides excellence in SuperOffice usability and business value. Amesto is a strategic partner to SuperOffice.

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